La Femme Bohème is a free spirit, a soul unbound, undefined, forever-changing. She is a wildfire. A shape-shifter. A rebel. A dreamer. Skinny-dipper. She escapes the confines of society at any cost. Her mind is heaven, her heart is fickle, her hands fidgety. She takes no directions. She follows rivers, currents, and the wind. Her soul is like the ocean. Her fingers on the pulse of life. She doesn't think about the past, present or future. She just is. She's a stargazer. Her eyes always fixed on the sky. She changes like the seasons.

Are you looking for a flirty date night outfit idea? If yes, then look no further, because I got you. When I think date - I usually think satin or lace. Not everyone thinks that way, but hey - I'm Venus in Taurus, so that's kind of very logical for me. Sensual materials are where it's at, for this kind of aspect. Also - I just remembered that you're not here for an astrology lecture. Sorry - Moon in Gemini. Here, I go again. It's a never ending circle, gosh, how do my friends even put up with me? I don't deserve you, seriously.

So, unfortunately, I had to miss the Katie Gallagher Fall/Winter 2017 show due to weather conditions and complicated commute. And I wanted to see it so bad, because Katie Gallagher's creative vision is just out of this world. However thankfully, I did get the photos from the runway to share with the world and that's exactly what I'm doing, because Katie Gallagher's Hallow is a very special collection.

Let's face it - the blue striped shirt trend is not going anywhere in 2017. If anything brands like Zara just kept reimagining their oversized striped shirts. Now you can find the blue striped shirt with various prints and embroideries on them. Or if you're really into the structure over embellishment, then the ones with bows and ruffles are perfect for you. You know what? Brands really stepped it up to the max that there's something for everyone, but only if you like stripes in the first place that is...

There isn’t a better way to dream than to dream in tulle – the flowiness and romantic quality of this beautiful material makes you feel like a princess or a whimsical fairy. This fashion season, we saw tulle everywhere – from runways to chain stores. Worn with a t-shirt and leather jacket, for a rock princess look or with a bodysuit and lace-up ballet flats for the ultimate ballerina look. Tulle has been all the rage. You know what’s funny? No matter how many times tulles goes out of style and comes back in style, I’m always welcoming the trend. Each time it reemerges, I try to do something new with it. Dress it up, dress it down, play with it. Here's one of many ways you can wear a tulle skirt in winter.

My New Year's Eve look is a bit different this time around. I tend to opt for a dress, but I thought - why not switch it up a little? Maybe I can wear a romper that resembles PJs, because what's New Year's if not one big pajama party? At least for me, because I tend to fall asleep with a glass of champagne in one hand and Kathy Griffin yelling in the background from overcrowded Times Square, as we're all waiting for the ball to drop.

If you have to wait for the train, at least do it stylishly. Not that I was actually waiting for the train, but hey, I had to figure out how to name this post. The weekend I took these photos, New York was covered in snow. It came almost unnoticed and unannounced, like when Kirk sneaks into Emily Gilmore's dinner without anyone noticing him. (All Gilmore Girls fans, you know which scene I'm referring to...hilarious.)