Off the bat, let's be honest - most of these products are not the ones worn in the movie Fifty Shades Darker, but are just the perfect alternative. Some of these products are organic, chemical and cruelty-free, which is an added bonus. So, pay attention all of Anastasia Steele wannabes, because there is a way to recreate Steele's signature lip. And when it comes to the said lip - I'm not sure what we've seen more of in the movie, the different shades of Grey or the different shades of lipstick worn by Dakota Johnson's character? You, be the judge... Whether you like the movie or not, it doesn't really matter, because at least we can all agree that the makeup and the fashion was spot on. So, here are some vampy lip products that you can use while dominating inside or outside the bedroom or while climbing the corporate ladder and stuff. There are so many options for a go-getter kind of gal.

Are you looking for a flirty date night outfit idea? If yes, then look no further, because I got you. When I think date - I usually think satin or lace. Not everyone thinks that way, but hey - I'm Venus in Taurus, so that's kind of very logical for me. Sensual materials are where it's at, for this kind of aspect. Also - I just remembered that you're not here for an astrology lecture. Sorry - Moon in Gemini. Here, I go again. It's a never ending circle, gosh, how do my friends even put up with me? I don't deserve you, seriously.

Who run the world? Girls! The superwoman Ariana Pierce is a 26-year-old millennial entrepreneur, fashion blogger, and Instagram influencer, who recently released a book for fellow girl bosses titled "Skip The Party, Start a Business." Living her dream life since her late teens, Ariana leads six hugely successful businesses including the well-known nail polish company,, thriving online accessories company,, and a busy publishing business. Pierce motivates thousands to grow their businesses, change up their lifestyles, and create incredible futures with her lively, straightforward and actionable recommendations. Intrigued yet...? Ariana was kind enough to answer few questions for The Stylegazer and give us some tips on overcoming the obstacles and pursuing dreams.

How do you usually call your adhesive bra - raw chicken fillets? Am I right? And why should you settle for raw chicken fillets? Led by the belief that women should never settle, girl boss, Astrid Montalta Unwalla founded Nudwear - a brand that reinvented the backless bra. Because let's be real, us ladies deserve to wear something functional AND aesthetically pleasing. And now, we can have the best of both worlds. Astrid was kind enough to answer a few questions for The Stylegazer and tell us more about her business and how she turned her dreams into reality.

So, unfortunately, I had to miss the Katie Gallagher Fall/Winter 2017 show due to weather conditions and complicated commute. And I wanted to see it so bad, because Katie Gallagher's creative vision is just out of this world. However thankfully, I did get the photos from the runway to share with the world and that's exactly what I'm doing, because Katie Gallagher's Hallow is a very special collection.

Who says Valentine's Day is only for the lovebirds? This time around we're reclaiming it and naming it Galentine's Day, a term coined by none other than Amy Poehler's Parks and Rec character Leslie Knope. So, instead of crying in a pint of ice cream, while rewatching The Notebook over and over again, take the charge. This time around, instead of feeling the lack of romantic love in your life - take a time to appreciate the love you are already receiving and tend to seldom acknowledge - the love from your mom, sister, and girlfriends. So, yeah, just please, instead of being a prisoner of your singledom, be the queen of friendshipdom. Every now and then, remind yourself that not all love needs to be a romantic one in order to be celebrated. Au contraire, it can come from various sources and it deserves just as much attention.