When in doubt, oversize it! I am a kind of person who doesn’t really like to stick to a certain style. I also don’t really have a favorite cut or color. My picks are quite impulsive and depend on if I’m really feeling it at the moment or not. So, every now and then, I like to switch it up and replace or mix the super tight garments with oversized.When going for the oversized look, the key is to always take balance and proportions into consideration. If I’m going for an oversized t-shirt dress look, I like to balance it out with skinny jeans or tights.

  For this particular outfit, I took a walk in the park trying to find that perfect natural pop of color that will complement my dress. I currently happen to be obsessed with shirt dresses, because they are so effortless, yet so very chic. They can also go from day to night with a change of accessories and shoes and you can style them based on your aesthetic preference. I went with retro bohemian look. So, here's one of the many ways of how to wear a shirt dress in the fall...

Dressed head-to-toe in American Apparel, I couldn't have come up with a more suitable name for today's look than "New Americana." I do consider this "Made in America" manufacturer, a maker of classic & staple garments that can stand the test of time. I also believe that pleated skirts and turtlenecks are something that will never go out of style, as the pleated skirt trend re-emerges every season. Classic yet modern, Americana meets new.

Needless to say, I love fall and I happen to especially love it in New York. The blue skies clashing with changing colors of the trees can make even the coldest of hearts feel warm with romance of this particular season. This is also a season when I usually go for retro aesthetic. Well... most of the time. (wink wink) However, I can't really deny the gloomy days either. It is a known fact that New Yorkers cherish every sunny day like it's their last. Which furthermore, proves my point that with the right transitional dress, no season can take you by surprise. Just like this fall-friendly Zara dress I bought a while ago. It is feminine, yet it doesn't look like you're trying too hard. On the super cold days, you can simply wear it with tights and boots and still make it work.