Hello my fellow Stylegazers! Welcome to yet another outfit post; borrowing its Modern Rebel title from this particular top that I’m wearing today, because sometimes coming up with a title is just very hard. (You feel me…?) David Bowie, Madonna and Billy Idol were rebels… So - does wearing this top make me cool then? Am I a rebel wannabe? Idk. Stir it up. Shake and bake. Rock the boat. Or whatever they say… Just keep on rockin', I guess.

The title of this particular blog post is a nod to a John Hughes' movie. Huge fan of his work. What can I say? This girl has a soft spot for 80s rom-coms. As you all know, October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today’s outfit has been put together with that in mind. I’ve decided to wear pink in honor of the cause and with intention to hopefully raise more awareness.

Hello my fellow Stylegazers! I won't bore you with a lengthy introduction, because this time around I've decided to keep it simple, both when it comes to style and writing. I usually wear this dress with a pair of heels, however for this specific blog post, I wanted to try something different and wear it with sneakers for more of a "street style" look. The dress is from Mystique , currently one of my favorite retailers; the sneakers are from ASOS; crop top was a hand-me-down (American Apparel) and the bag is from Furla. The sunnies are from American Eagle Outfitters.

Hello my fellow Stylegazers! I have taken advantage of the only nice day this week, to visit the heart of Williamsburg, also known as the Berry Street. According to the Forgotten New York: Berry is named for Abraham J. Berry (1798-1865), Williamsburg(h)’s first mayor after its incorporation as a city in 1852. A physician by trade, he aided in an 1832 cholera epidemic and later was the surgeon for the NYS 38th Infantry during the Civil War. Williamsburg had its ups and downs, changed names, but the remnants of its rich industrial history can still be seen today. However this time around in a form of whimsical art stores, biergartens and restaurants.

Happy Friday my fellow Stylegazers! I don’t know about you, but I feel like one way to describe this week would be – WEIRD. To start off - I went through so many emotions this week, went to the both ends of the emotional spectrum, hit the highs and the lows and then finally reached the equilibrium. Yay. If you were to ask me: “Giiirrrlll, what happened?” I would have to say that I really don’t know. I do not know what happened there…