You might not know this about me, but I've struggled with self-love for years. I think the moment I've hit puberty, was the moment when I realized that I could be a better version of myself than I already was. Hidden behind my sunny disposition were dark clouds of insecurities and low self-esteem. I've never told my friends anything, because I've wanted to "at least appear confident," while deep down I've felt unworthy and inadequate. Middle school and high school years were a period when I've hit an all-time low.

So you walk into a bar, order your regular and never think much of it. However, what if you knew that you’re being judged by your choice of drink? Also – what if you knew that you’re judging other people by their choices? We tend to think that only our appearance, verbal and nonverbal communication shape how we’re perceived, but our drink choices play a big role too.

They say that to live is to travel or to travel is to live – something like that… And guess what? They’re right. Every now and then, we need to break the routine, get away, explore, get lost, because trust me – the unfamiliar changes the perspective by making us adjust to the new surroundings, situations, people and culture. It’s easy to get lulled into the familiar, but every now and then your bones need to be shaken up, your mind should be wild like ocean waves and your soul set on fire. Sometimes you just need to reawaken that childlike curiosity that you buried deep in your heart and look at the world in novel ways. You just need to remember that caged birds don’t really sing, so why cage yourself? Go! Do something for yourself for once! Leave your gilded cage! Let your soul soar!

To the fathers in our lives: Thank you for working so hard to support our dreams. Thank you for working so hard and setting an example that things in life don't come easy - you have to work for them. Thank you for working so hard that we realize that time spent with you is so valuable. Thank you for believing in our dreams and always helping us improve. Thank you for teaching us how to change a tire, fire up the grill and all of the other things that we never thought we needed, but soon enough we realized that we actually really do. Thank you for being our biggest fan.

Collage by me. Yay! You've made it! Well, you still have four more years of college ahead of you, but you have just closed a one long chapter in your life. Hopefully, your high school experience has been a positive one and hopefully one day you'll look back at those days with that nostalgic feeling. Graduating might seem like a catastrophe right now, because you're so sad about leaving your group of friends behind and afraid of stepping into unfamiliar, maybe even moving away from home... But, you know what? You are going to love college.

The moment I walked into my positive psychology class my junior year in college, I was so ready to dismiss it. The cynic in me thought – “Pfft! Come on! As if! To teach someone how to be happy is an equivalent to trying to make Mara Rooney smile in pictures – absolutely pointless.” You either are or aren’t and that totally depends on your brain’s chemistry and the circumstances you’re in. But, was I wrong?

  To the mothers in our lives: You gave us life, love and nurture. You are a parent and a friend. You are the backbone and the neck that turns our heads into right directions. You are the multitasker. You are unconditional love. You are the confidante. You are a compass and the lodestar that guides us out of the darkness. You are all of that and more. You are EVERYTHING. Without you, the life wouldn’t have the same quality and meaning as it does.

  Are you romantic to the point that it’s hopeless? If yes - you are in the right place when it comes to the matters of heart, but are probably finding it hard to find your place somewhere in the real world. Expectations and reality don’t stand next to each in a dictionary and sadly enough - they are strangers when it comes to our love life as well. Being a hopeless romantic, you are somewhat of a romantic renegade.

  A few summers ago, during one of the nights out with a bunch of my very close friends, I’ve met a man in his thirties. To be honest, I don’t go out expecting anything. I think that it’s extremely rare that someone meets his or her soulmate at a nightclub. What I do look for are those a bit tipsy individuals with interesting stories to tell. People are such an inspiration and what you’ll find sometimes is that some of them are there just because they needed someone to talk to. Now, back to the man in his thirties. I forgot his name, as I usually do within five minutes of meeting someone, but I’ll never forget what he told me and what kind of impact his story had on me. I am not exactly sure how the conversation steered towards his romantic life, but we eventually got there and he revealed that he’s in his thirties already, has never had a girlfriend or experienced real love, has never really been intimate with a woman and it’s all thanks to the restaurant business he runs. I was equal amount surprised and sad. I thought – no, it can’t be! Therefore I’ve been thinking – is there such a thing as being too busy for love? Here’s what some of my wonderful and very busy friends had to say about it…