Are You Anxious and Restless? Take a Deep Breath, Then Try This!

Are you anxious and restless? If yes, then you’re in the right place! As someone who has always dealt with anxiety at its varying levels – I absolutely get you. ON A SOUL LEVEL. There are always two paths we can take in life – one is the path of surrender and the other one is the path of reclaiming your power. I tend to say “surrender” to the universe because it always has your back. However, there is no reason on Earth why you should surrender to your anxieties and fears. No, you are not going to accept that. You are going to reclaim your power. Take ownership of your fears. There is always a way, if there’s will. This is how you’re going to conquer your anxieties.

Yoga & Meditation

Anxious And Restless

I can’t stress enough the importance of yoga. It has made such a huge impact on my life that at this point I actually swear by it! My friends are probably so annoyed with me always telling them to join a yoga studio, but they’re too nice to say it. However, I still think that yoga is the crucial first step towards a better and more mindful life. Here’s what yoga does for an anxious mind based on my own observation:

  •   To do yoga you need to learn how to become PATIENT, which is very hard when you’re riddled with anxiety. But in order to progress and make your body do the poses to their fullest expression – you need to be patient with your body. If that makes sense… But, I think you know what I mean.
  • You need to FOCUS. When you focus in your balancing pose, you don’t really have the time to think about things that make you anxious or you’ll probably fall over on the person next to you. You’re only option is tunnel vision, which does wonders.
  • Savasana (Corpse Pose) is the most important and the hardest pose. Yet all you have to do is lie down and prepare for the meditation. The meditation part is challenging because it’s hard to prevent your thought from wandering. But practice makes perfect. A tip would be to visualize a place and focus on the feeling it creates in order to slow down your mind.

Mindfulness Apps

Anxious And Restless

There’s this app that I’ve discovered called “Calm.” It offers guided meditation, breathing practices/techniques and bedtime stories. Perfect for when you need to just take a deep breath, relax and meditate in the time of great stress or simply unwind and fall asleep. You can also choose to go through a seven-day meditation tracked by the app so that you keep yourself in check. This app is a game-changer and a definite mind-changer as well. I kindly ask you to give it a try – it’ll change your world – literally.

Hang With Your Friends

Anxious And Restless

Let’s not forget that we’re all social creatures – first and foremost. Therefore, we should never underestimate the importance of socializing. You need to release those bottled up emotions. Friends can play a crucial role in calming you down with their kind words and support. Bonus are the hugs, which alleviate anxiety. Ahh, don’t you love how we’re wired…?

Nature Walks

Every now and then I like to take a walk in nature. The green has a calming effect on you, the sound of rustling leaves is so therapeutic and you can practice your breathing while you’re at it. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N.


Anxious And Restless

Redecorate your living space and let it appeal to your senses. Make it light, spacious and airy. Light up some candles. Play some music. Burn some incense. Add some plants for air purification. And some crystals for a good measure. Make your living space your little sanctuary. Believe it or not – places carry a certain energy as well.

Try Knitting

Anxious And Restless

I took literally one knitting class and I’m already obsessed with it. I find the activity so calming and very addictive. It’s also very exciting to see the final product that YOU created. A great resource for that is “we are knitters,” a company that sells knitting kits and makes tutorials on how to knit. Perfect little activity for every anxious soul and a new skill you get to learn. So why not…?


Photos: Unsplash