Hello fellow Stylegazers! Happy Friday! Let’s take a moment to give ourselves a round of applause for making it through yet another busy week. To all my friends and acquaintances – you make stress look very chic and for that I take my hat off to you. We all know how hard it is to achieve that. You’re all rock stars in my eyes. Now, moving on to the today’s outfit, which is brought to you by my constant indecisiveness on what to wear, which happens to be definitely due to the fact that here in New York, you kind of experience all four seasons in one day.

  Hello fellow Stylegazers! It’s been a while, but I’m back at it again. I guess life happened, but I don’t think I can use that as excuse anymore. There wouldn’t be such a huge fire (in my case bonfire), if I hadn’t fanned the flames. Therefore I take full responsibility for my life and actions, because there is no other way. So here I am, ready to roll up the sleeves and get to work.

Post 28 Pic 4 Hello fellow Stylegazers! I forgot to mention in the previous post – HAPPY MARCH everyone! We made it! This month is already promising to be a beautiful one. (Before I go any further, just a reminder - Daylight Saving Time begins: March 13.) This is also a note to myself, because I’ll definitely forget. I know myself so well, that I just know that I will… Also my birthday is coming up on March 21st, just a day after spring begins – so hear me ROAR!

Post 27 Pic 3 Hello dear Stylegazers! Today’s post features this gorgeous H&M maxi dress. It was one of those special things that H&M designs and sells for a higher price, but I snatched it on sale and I can say that it was pretty much a bargain. Besides the price, another great thing is that this dress is so versatile. During the day it can be worn with boots and a leather jacket, for an edgy and bohemian look.

Post 26 Pic 1 Hello my fellow Stylegazers! I’ve been silent for some time, but I’m back and ready to rumble. As it gets nicer and nicer out, I am definitely going to be more consistent with posts. I am also definitely, not going to complain about the weather, because it could’ve been worse – so much worse… Then also, life happened. It just had to show up out of nowhere, trip me up a little and smack me right into a different mindset. Nothing horrible, just little obstacles…

V Day Pic 8 HAPPY FRIDAY FELLOW STYLEGAZERS! The Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer and you might be getting closer and closer to a full-blown panic mode/meltdown, because you don’t know what to wear for that uber-romantic date. All of you taken ladies, don’t you worry! I got your back! Now, all of you single ladies out there are going to say: ”Well, someone has to ask me out first, duh! Then I’ll start caring about what to wear!” But this is what I’m going to tell you: “Hell no, girl! You are going to take your lovely self out for drinks, instead!”

Post 22 Pic 3 Covered in blankets of snow, it’s hard to see anything wrong with the world when it’s so magical. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of winter, but it’s just so picture-perfect. “Winter” is usually accompanied by “wonderland” and it’s for a reason. What other season can be described as such? Winter has after all inspired so many writers and poets. It is such a cruel season, but oh, so stunning.