Hello my dearest Stylegazers! Last Sunday, I’ve decided to go to the church, because let’s be honest - all of us sometimes just need to stop, reflect and work on the spiritual aspect of our existence. You never know what you can find out about yourself, when you just quiet your mind and open up your heart. It was a lovely day, so I’ve decided to take a sunny stroll in the Madison Square Park.

Photo courtesy of PROPS Are you constantly listening to the same artists over and over again? Is the music you’re listening to right now actually speaking to your soul? Do you feel like you need to expand your musical horizons? If this applies to you, then sound the alarm, because your life is in a serious state of emergency! And you know what people do in case of emergency? Break the glass and listen to I.C.E!

  If you’re not on vacation, just like me my friend – why not trick your mind into thinking that you actually are? Now, this shouldn’t limit your productivity and I’m not suggesting you should leave your brain on the shelf - au contraire... I believe that you can definitely get into that celebratory and chillaxed mode, just like you would when you’re vacationing, without hindering your day-to-day functioning.

  My fellow Stylegazers! Hi, hello, how you doin’? Thursday is such a weird day, don’t you think? It’s like – the weekend is sooooo close, but not really. It’s like winning a second place in the competition – you’re kind of perplexed. At the same time you’re glad that you didn’t win the third place, but then again the first place was just so close that it kills you. That’s how I feel about Thursdays.

  Are you romantic to the point that it’s hopeless? If yes - you are in the right place when it comes to the matters of heart, but are probably finding it hard to find your place somewhere in the real world. Expectations and reality don’t stand next to each in a dictionary and sadly enough - they are strangers when it comes to our love life as well. Being a hopeless romantic, you are somewhat of a romantic renegade.

  A few summers ago, during one of the nights out with a bunch of my very close friends, I’ve met a man in his thirties. To be honest, I don’t go out expecting anything. I think that it’s extremely rare that someone meets his or her soulmate at a nightclub. What I do look for are those a bit tipsy individuals with interesting stories to tell. People are such an inspiration and what you’ll find sometimes is that some of them are there just because they needed someone to talk to. Now, back to the man in his thirties. I forgot his name, as I usually do within five minutes of meeting someone, but I’ll never forget what he told me and what kind of impact his story had on me. I am not exactly sure how the conversation steered towards his romantic life, but we eventually got there and he revealed that he’s in his thirties already, has never had a girlfriend or experienced real love, has never really been intimate with a woman and it’s all thanks to the restaurant business he runs. I was equal amount surprised and sad. I thought – no, it can’t be! Therefore I’ve been thinking – is there such a thing as being too busy for love? Here’s what some of my wonderful and very busy friends had to say about it…

  Hello fellow Stylegazers! Happy Friday! Let’s take a moment to give ourselves a round of applause for making it through yet another busy week. To all my friends and acquaintances – you make stress look very chic and for that I take my hat off to you. We all know how hard it is to achieve that. You’re all rock stars in my eyes. Now, moving on to the today’s outfit, which is brought to you by my constant indecisiveness on what to wear, which happens to be definitely due to the fact that here in New York, you kind of experience all four seasons in one day.