Life is Hard for Hopeless Romantics


Are you romantic to the point that it’s hopeless? If yes – you are in the right place when it comes to the matters of heart, but are probably finding it hard to find your place somewhere in the real world. Expectations and reality don’t stand next to each in a dictionary and sadly enough – they are strangers when it comes to our love life as well. Being a hopeless romantic, you are somewhat of a romantic renegade. While everyone sees the world in bursting colors – yours is a monochromatic pink. More often than not, you are misunderstood and led to believe that you are being absolutely unrealistic and that your expectations are a perfect material for a romantic novel. (Oh, the cynics…) Well, I’ve been a hopeless romantic since I can remember and I’ve been wearing those rose-colored glasses way before I even got the prescription ones. And although being a hopeless romantic is somewhat beautifully tragic – would I have it any other way? Probably not. On the flip side – there’s no denying that life is sometimes hard for hopeless romantics and here’s why:

1. You Live in a Romantic Movie


You went to one or two dates with your love interest and you already started envisioning your future together. You see your partner hanging from the Ferris wheel just to get your attention, coming up with romantic escapades in the nature, kissing in the rain, you see this person fighting for your love and building a house for the two of you. In your head you are living The Notebook, Say Anything, An Affair to Remember, Roman Holiday, Sixteen Candles – you get the idea… This is exactly why sometimes you fail to see things as they truly are.

2. Too Much, Too Soon


Sometimes the things you say or do are “too much, too soon.” You got carried away and professed things when you should’ve bit your tongue and waited. You did so because you believe that love is based on honesty and that you should always tell how you feel – and it is, but you should’ve waited to say it when the time is right. This can be especially lethal when it comes to early stages of dating, when things are still uncertain, because you can be perceived as needy. But the truth is – you just wanted to spend more time with another person and clarify where you stand in a grandiose manner.

3. Your Reality Never Meets Your Expectations


You expect your date to bring you flowers and think of a really romantic date for the two of you, somewhere under the stars with a bottle of wine (I am painting you a really lovely picture here, aren’t I?) and you’re shocked if you get a hasty and unplanned date that ends somewhere in a back of a car with you looking for the quickest exit. This just makes every hopeless romantic, very, very sad.

4. What Are Hookups?


You don’t even know or care to find out. All you know is that people do it and that’s fine, but for you it has no substance.  L.O.V.E. – Loving, Openness, Value and Emotion is all you’re about and you are going to wait as long as it takes to finally get it. The fact that a large number of people within your generation only cares about hooking up is disheartening to you. Are you ever
nngoing to find your SO?

5. You’re Hopeless…


Even though sometimes you try to appear cool and unaffected, all those efforts are in vain. You can’t really fight your nature, because fighting a good old romantic in you is pretty much hopeless. People might see you as an idealist or even naive, but I guess those non-romantics will just have to deal with it. No matter the obstacles, your time to woo and be wooed will come.

In conclusion:


Like everything in nature, the hopeless romantics are their own special kind. So try not to lose what makes you – YOU. Nurture it, cultivate it and let that aspect of your being, grow and blossom. There is someone out there who wears rose-colored glasses as well. Also, remember that if you cut the flower – a new one will grow in its place and if you sever the tree – it will branch out again. If you try to disrupt the nature, it will always try to preserve itself.