It was a truly magical night to roam the streets of New York City and beyond transcendental to meet The New Tarot's Monika & Karen Walker. Our destination - Yorkafe Deux, a lovely tiny nook of a café on the East 59th Street.  I first notice Karen (vocals/keyboard), comfortably seated in the corner and surrounded by kids. She greeted me with the biggest smile. There's something very darling and comforting about her aura. A very sensitive soul who finds a creative outlet everywhere - whether it be through the music that she makes with her sister, by writing in her journal or even drawing with the kids at the local coffee shop. While Monika was busy with tarot readings, I've asked Karen if it would be alright to ask her a bunch of questions.

Era Istrefi is an Eastern European musical sensation, who won the world over with her incredibly infectious jam - "Bon Bon." (Don't tell me that just thinking about that song doesn't make your hips want to move...) I met Era at the hotel she was staying in, just before her NYC Pride performance. As she came out of her room to meet me, I immediately thought - this is the coolest person I've ever seen! In her white jeans, black bra and colorful blouse, Era is rocking flawless makeup with word "LOVE" spelled in gold under her right eye. Her braids are a color of the rainbow.

  As we're counting the days, hours and minutes till New Year's, let's take a moment and look back on the year that I consider to be a great one when it comes to music. Without further ado, here they are: 1. Zella Day - Kicker.pngWho: Zella Day What: Kicker (Zella Day’s debut studio album) Where: Pinetop Records, Hollywood Records When: June 2, 2015 Why: “Sweet Ophelia” is the first song I heard by Zella and since then I’ve loved every single she released, therefore you might assume that I had some pretty high expectations when it comes to her debut studio album. I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed. Kicker is every bit magical, trippy, seductive and dreamy as I hoped it would be. The guitars, string arrangements, electronic elements, stripped down ballads, impeccable lyricism – Kicker has it all. Zella Day’s style can be summed up in three words, “Spaghetti Western Pop.”