Hello my fellow Stylegazers! I won't bore you with a lengthy introduction, because this time around I've decided to keep it simple, both when it comes to style and writing. I usually wear this dress with a pair of heels, however for this specific blog post, I wanted to try something different and wear it with sneakers for more of a "street style" look. The dress is from Mystique , currently one of my favorite retailers; the sneakers are from ASOS; crop top was a hand-me-down (American Apparel) and the bag is from Furla. The sunnies are from American Eagle Outfitters.

Happy Friday my fellow Stylegazers! I don’t know about you, but I feel like one way to describe this week would be – WEIRD. To start off - I went through so many emotions this week, went to the both ends of the emotional spectrum, hit the highs and the lows and then finally reached the equilibrium. Yay. If you were to ask me: “Giiirrrlll, what happened?” I would have to say that I really don’t know. I do not know what happened there…

    Hello fellow Stylegazers! Our long lost friend SUN has finally decided to grace us with its presence, giving me an excuse to chill at one of Port Washington’s parks. There’s nothing I find as relaxing as just being “down by the water.” The sun and wind in your hair, the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks (or as they embrace the shore), seagulls making circles in the sky and ducks, geese and swans disrupting the

  Hello my dearest Stylegazers! Last Sunday, I’ve decided to go to the church, because let’s be honest - all of us sometimes just need to stop, reflect and work on the spiritual aspect of our existence. You never know what you can find out about yourself, when you just quiet your mind and open up your heart. It was a lovely day, so I’ve decided to take a sunny stroll in the Madison Square Park.

  My fellow Stylegazers! Hi, hello, how you doin’? Thursday is such a weird day, don’t you think? It’s like – the weekend is sooooo close, but not really. It’s like winning a second place in the competition – you’re kind of perplexed. At the same time you’re glad that you didn’t win the third place, but then again the first place was just so close that it kills you. That’s how I feel about Thursdays.