To the fathers in our lives: Thank you for working so hard to support our dreams. Thank you for working so hard and setting an example that things in life don't come easy - you have to work for them. Thank you for working so hard that we realize that time spent with you is so valuable. Thank you for believing in our dreams and always helping us improve. Thank you for teaching us how to change a tire, fire up the grill and all of the other things that we never thought we needed, but soon enough we realized that we actually really do. Thank you for being our biggest fan.

Collage by me. Yay! You've made it! Well, you still have four more years of college ahead of you, but you have just closed a one long chapter in your life. Hopefully, your high school experience has been a positive one and hopefully one day you'll look back at those days with that nostalgic feeling. Graduating might seem like a catastrophe right now, because you're so sad about leaving your group of friends behind and afraid of stepping into unfamiliar, maybe even moving away from home... But, you know what? You are going to love college.