Believe In Yourself Project

“Believe in Yourself Project,” Restoring Self-Confidence One Dress at a Time

“Believe in Yourself Project” is a new charity helping to replace the poor body image that afflicts many girls and women. This image is heightened by what the traditional fashion industry deems as beautiful: Women are expected to appear a certain way and live up to a manufactured and unrealistic notion of what beauty is. At the same time, strained finances can prevent many girls from keeping up with what’s trending or cool, making them feel isolated among their friends for not being able to afford clothing that is deemed as “in” socially.

In an attempt to promote a positive body image, founder of online fashion site UsTrendy has created the  “Believe in Yourself Project.”Believe In Yourself ProjectBelieve In Yourself ProjectOver the past year, “Believe in Yourself” has given formal dresses to underprivileged high school girls and college students across the country, for them to wear at their school dances. “Believe in Yourself” reports that many of the girls in the program have had the self-confidence to attend their first school dance.

The “Believe in Yourself Project” is part of a broader initiative and is currently in talks with various influential women who at one time or currently have struggled with body image, encouraging them to serve as speakers and mentors to the various girls within the program.
Believe In Yourself Project
Believe In Yourself ProjectUltimately, the “Believe in Yourself Project” seeks to make people feel comfortable in their own skin and not let physical or financial insecurities or limitations affect their confidence.