Liza Kindred

Liza Kindred on Her ‘Eff This! Meditation’ Book, Her Daily Mantra and Living a More Balanced Life

I met Liza Kindred at the launch party for her ‘Eff This! Meditation book. The event hosted at the Chillhouse in NYC included non-toxic manicures, aura photography, sound meditation and more; all provided to make the eventgoers feel relaxed and joyful, just like the book should. I couldn’t help but notice this lovely, light energy radiating from Liza Kindred and I have found her to be just as approachable and sweet in person, as her energy field would indicate. Turns out we’re “Kindred” spirits, after all. We chatted briefly, as people lined up to take photos with the author, inspiring me to ask her a few questions, exclusively for The Stylegazer’s audience. Below is my interview with the lovely Liza Kindred. Scroll, read and namaste.  

1. What inspired you to write ‘Eff This! Meditation?’

When my daughter was getting ready to travel the world on a solo gap year, I realized that there was so much that I wanted to teach her still––specifically about ways to care for herself during times of stress. So, I started a spreadsheet listing all the tips and tricks I love and use, which eventually turned into a book! Truly, my one desire for the book is that it can be of benefit to her and to others; that it might serve as a guidebook for those times when we feel stressed out, overwhelmed or anxious, and want to feel more centered, grounded, or rooted in love.

2. What are the main takeaways you want people to get from your book?

The most important thing that I want to communicate to people is that if we are stressed out, anxious, or overwhelmed–there is nothing wrong with us. The world is chaotic right now; of course we have anxiety! My favorite quote is by the Indian philosopher and poet Jiddu Krishnamurti:

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society.”

So true, right? But while it’s not our fault, there are simple things we can do to help ourselves to feel better; things like breathing practices, meditation, and love-based self-care. Half of the practices in the book take five minutes or less, so it’s very practical. Feel bad? Don’t beat yourself up, try this!

3. A favorite daily mantra you would love to share with the readers?

“I am enough.”

So much of what I call the Wellness Industrial Complex™ is based on the idea that there is something broken in us that needs fixing. With messaging like “you are made for more” and the commonly accepted idea that we should always be working to be “better,” I think that being enough and loving myself as I am is radical and necessary.

4. What’s your favorite crystal and why?

When it comes to crystals, I’m a back-to-basics gal: selenite for cleansing, amethyst on all of my electronics and rose quartz next to my bed and in my pockets and bags. I keep my crystals fully charged and love to give them to people as gifts.

5. What practices should we all incorporate into our daily routines to live a more balanced life?

The best practices are whatever works best for you!

I believe that there are seven key paths to self-care: meditation, breathing practices, time spent in nature, mindful movement, balancing creation with consumption, mindful use of technology, and creating space. What is most helpful from day to day might change, and we should always trust our own instincts. But if you chose something from one of those categories, you will be well on the way to giving yourself what you need. Chose a practice from the book, or do something you know feels good! Don’t worry about devoting a ton of time if you don’t have it; even one minute of mindful breathing can make a difference.