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Depressing Blizzard, March is Being a F***boy, This Dreamy Makeup Look is Something You’ll Want to Recreate

Okay, I’ll admit with the whole blizzard watch here in New York, it’s hard to believe it’s March and even harder to believe that spring is literally just around the corner. Why does my birthday month has to be “that weird month?” (Quoting the lady I’ve overheard talking about the same issue a few nights ago at the dinner. She released a long sigh, indicating that she’s giving up.) We all are. Seriously March?! Why are you such a f***boy? Being all hot and cold, manipulating us into thinking that you’ll shower us with warmth and affection, only to change your mind and all of a sudden decide that you want to be cool and detached because you realized you don’t do emotions. (We all know a March guy.) But you’re not here for dating advice, although I gladly give it away for free whenever I can. Neither you’re here for the weather forecast because let’s be real – you don’t follow it. “Oh, look, it’s starting to snow…” “Yeah, it was on the weather channel.” “What channel? Anyway, Season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is now availableĀ on Netflix. Hermit mode.” “Totally.” All of us, always. Rant officially over. Here’s something to feast your eyes on.