Asha Tarry

Facing a Socially-Distanced Holiday Season with Asha Tarry (CLC, LMSW)

Asha Tarry is an author, an award-winning community mental health advocate, psychotherapist, and certified life coach. As a treating provider, Asha has 20 years of experience providing evaluations, diagnoses, treatment, and life-enhancing skills to children, adults, families, and couples. Exclusively for The Stylegazer, Asha Tarry reveals some of the best ways to face a socially-distanced holiday season, what being a GIRLBOSS means to her and how to practice better self-care in quarantine.   

1. Hi Asha, tell us a little bit about yourself?

Asha Tarry

“I am a passionate creative multi-hyphenate person with a few talents I have found purpose in. I am also a small business owner and the founder of Behavioral Health Consulting Services which provides counseling, consulting, and coaching to professional adults. I’ve been a mental health provider for 20 years and a certified life coach for 5 years. As a life coach, I help people design a life that they love to live. My work reaches people around the globe as I’ve worked with clients in Asia, South Africa, the UK, and Europe. And recently, as a writer, I published my 1st self-help book titled, “Adulting A Millennial: A Guide to Everything Your Parents Didn’t Teach You” which is now available on, along with a new audiobook which is now available at”

2. What inspired you to take this particular career path?

“I always knew I wanted to help people so I entered Nursing school in college, but discovered shortly after my practicum that it wasn’t what fulfilled me, so I changed my major and completed my undergraduate degree in Human Services and after that pursued a Masters in Social Work and became a licensed therapist. Now, I help people heal their minds and bodies through the Mindfulness-based CBT and trauma work I do.”
Asha Tarry

3. So, holidays are just around the corner…with this holiday season approaching, depression and social isolation will be unavoidable. What are the best ways to face a socially-distanced holiday season?

“Be creative and intentional about what you can do and how you want to spend your time. For the same reasons you mentioned, people may need different things this year, such as more rest, or a change of scenery. Some people may need a break from their kids or house so plan ahead, be clear about your needs and wants and make plans to do what brings you pleasure. And communicate that with other people in your life, so they know what to expect from you.”

4. What are the best self-care rituals we can partake in to help us cope with the effects of a pandemic and an isolated life?

“Putting calendar appointments on our schedule for play and relaxation at different times. We all need breaks from the monotonous things we do. But, if we don’t prioritize those things we will keep putting it off and usually when that happens the stress builds and feels worse. Continue to also do some of the things you used to do before this pandemic, such as schedule your medical appointments and get your check-ups. Continue to exercise, eat well, and hydrate. Those preventative steps help us stay well year-round.”

5. And finally, what being a GIRLBOSS means to you?

“Being a GIRLBOSS, to me, means treating everyone you encounter with respect and regard. It also means that everyone on my team is an important part of my job being done effectively and their work has to be recognized. No job is insignificant. And lastly, being a girl boss means making a lasting impression on the world. I want to leave a legacy so that many years after I’m gone people will know I was here.

Quick-fire questions:

💜 Meditation or a good book? Meditation.
💜 A walk by the ocean or a nature hike? A walk by the ocean.
💜 High heels or flats? Heels, but with a platform. 🙂
💜 Skincare routine or cosmetic treatments? Definitely skincare routine.
💜 Barre class or cycling? Neither. I’d rather go for a walk for an hour. 🙂