A Psychic Affair

Interview with Astrid Brown, Author of ‘A Psychic Affair’

Written by professional psychic/medium, Astrid Brown, ‘A Psychic Affair’ shares the intense, emotive romance between two people. It’s as intimate and uplifting as any other relationship, except for one thing – it’s conducted psychically. It’s a romance novel unlike anything else on the market! 

Which means that I was absolutely intrigued, therefore I’ve felt the need to ask Astrid a few questions about the book, challenges of being a psychic/medium & love in general. Enjoy!

1. When did you discover your psychic abilities?

“I’ve had these abilities since birth, my earliest recalls were when I was a baby and I could see lower elementals when I was in my cot. I also remember playing with spirit children before I was school age, I might add my 3 daughters and my grandchildren also have this ability.”

2. What prompted you to write ‘A Psychic Affair?’

” It is based on true experiences plus I wanted to get across how wonderful the spirit world is and how our guides and mentors are there to help us get through the most turbulent times in our lives and it’s not there to frighten us. We are all capable of becoming psychic, not mediumship, that’s gifted or acquired, and that we can develop our psychic abilities if we chose to do so.”

3. What’s the main takeaway, what should the reader understand?

“I want to get across how wonderful the spirit world is and that only our psychical body dies, we live eternally and most importantly never underestimate the powers of the spirit world and the universe and we can influence outcomes. This is the whole purpose of spell work, for every time we think we create thought forms these are thoughts but these thoughts create an energy, and it’s this energy that creates an effect within the universe (it’s all in the book). A spell is just a concentrated thought form. However, we have to respect Universal law ‘like attracts like’ so if you are thinking evil thoughts you will attract negativity back to yourself, so it’s important to always work in the light and be positive.”

4. Being a psychic/medium, what is the most challenging part?

“The challenging part is trying to get across I’m not a fortune teller, I can’t give detailed and complete accurate outcomes as we are subject to the laws of the Universe and we ourselves are responsible for our destiny. We have a plan before we are incarnated, we make this plan as we ourselves want to experience certain lessons in each incarnation. However, that plan is wiped from our conscious mind, it’s still there within our soul, our intuition, and subconscious mind and we are given ‘free will’ so it’s up to us as individuals if we chose to follow our plan. The reason the plan is wiped from our conscious mind is if we knew what was going to happen in our lives we would likely try and avoid the outcomes. The other part that affects our future is ‘Divine timing’ there is no sense of time in the spirit realms, time and clocks don’t exist and when the Universe thinks it’s the right time it will happen only then. As a medium (not a psychic they work on lower energies) I can communicate with spirit and ask them what will happen, however, they will only tell me if it has no influence on our life plan. Nor can I conjure up a spirit, I can ask for them to come forward and it’s up to them and I certainly can’t ask a certain deceased person to talk to me. This was the whole reason for me writing this book and others and for beginning my website, to explain why and how we work.”

5. What do you believe is a true definition of love?

The true definition of true love is, it comes without any judgment or preconditions and you want the other person to be happy even if that is detrimental to you. It’s always putting whom you love first. A quote from the book explains
“It had been a
nndifficult time, if I had any sense I would have walked away. I could not make rhyme or reason why I loved this man. I just knew I did. I knew this was a different kind of love, not the physical kind that begins with lust but it really was on a deeper level, and this was spiritual love where you wanted a kindred spirit to be happy. Where you want the best for them so much so you will do anything to see them smile. It is the kind of love a mother has for her child, the kind of love one sibling has for another, for a best friend and for a lover all wrapped up and bound in one package. It’s very unselfish, non-judgmental, no conditions attached, no hidden agendas, totally unconditional love: this is spiritual love”.



A Psychic Affair

‘A Psychic Affair’ is available now:
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A Psychic Affair