Deff “Leopard”

Hello my fellow Stylegazers! I have taken advantage of the only nice day this week, to visit the heart of Williamsburg, also known as the Berry Street.

According to the Forgotten New York:

Berry is named for Abraham J. Berry (1798-1865), Williamsburg(h)’s first mayor after its incorporation as a city in 1852. A physician by trade, he aided in an 1832 cholera epidemic and later was the surgeon for the NYS 38th Infantry during the Civil War.

Williamsburg had its ups and downs, changed names, but the remnants of its rich industrial history can still be seen today. However this time around in a form of whimsical art stores, biergartens and restaurants. If you’re really into beer, make sure to check out Radegast Hall & Biergarten. One of my favorite places to visit is definitely Juliette, a French-bistro-style restaurant with an indoor garden and a roof deck. Definitely a charming place with great crème brulee and rosé. If you’re craving some coffee, definitely visit Blue Bottle Café, because these people do coffee the right way. From vintage Probat roasters to Oji-style iced coffee drippers and custom Slayer espresso machines, this place will definitely show you what real coffee should taste like. (Trust me – it’s probably different from your usual).

Moving on to the outfit. Fall is the season that for some reason (rhyme, yay) makes me wanna don anything with a leopard print. This unisex leopard shirt from American Apparel has been used in so many combinations that I’ve lost count. Aside from jeans, I’ve worn it tied-up with a skirt or simply unbuttoned over an outfit. The jeans are from Madewell and are my favorite at the moment. Mules are from Urban Outfitters and you might’ve seen them many times by now. The fringed vest is from Forever 21 and it was pretty much a bargain. I’ve decided to complete the look with my favorite chunky gold earrings from Zara and my new bag from Kate Spade.