Post 21 Pic 1 About two weeks ago, I have finally decided to take a walk on the High Line with my family. It took me five years (it’s going to be six in July) since I’ve been living here, to finally visit one of the must-see parks of Manhattan or an aerial greenway and rails-to-trails park, if you will. I know how awful that sounds and I know I have chosen possibly the worst season to see it, but I am slowly gaining a reputation for all of my awkward and poorly thought-out decisions (at least when it comes to family trips).

Post 20 Pic 2 Hello my dear Stylegazers! I sincerely apologize for the silence. I decided to take a short break in order to survive the holidays, but I’m here now and back at it. I also wanted to say, HAPPY 2016! (Although, judging from what’s happening in the world right now, it’s not really going to be much different from any previous one, because – the humanity.) But anyways, let’s stay optimistic, shall we?

  Post 18 Pic 2 Hello my fellow Stylegazers! Yesterday was so lovely that I’ve decided to drive around a little to find a location to shoot. I went to a nearby village, because I’ve felt like I have run out of locations to choose in my own. It was a really cute, small village, with a very narrow main street and a bunch of neatly lined and very charming little stores. My idea was to take photos in the heart of the village; the main street that is, but the sun was setting and I got so distracted by the people, who were probably looking at me like I was a crazy photo-taking, sidewalk-blocking giant.

  Post 16 Pic 1 Hello my dear Stylegazers! So, I got this “Whatever, I Am Getting French Fries” t-shirt a while ago and I really wanted to build an outfit around it. I just love the color, the cut and the groovy font. Also, the statement alone is pretty much something I would say, daily. I do constantly struggle with the question: “Should I get the French fries or not?” You know the struggle, right? You feel me? Just writing about French fries makes me hungry… But, moving on to the outfit.

Post 15 Pic 1 Hello fellow Stylegazers! I hope that December is not too cruel to you wherever you are. So far, it has been kind here in New York. Also, just the past few months the weather was so kind that I was able to give myself as much time as I wanted to find a really nice jacket, before we get slapped with cold winds and heavy snowfall. Finding the perfect parka is not an easy task and it also doesn’t help that I happen to be very picky when it comes to choosing one. I’ve looked everywhere, but to no avail…

  Post 14 Pic 6 I have always loved velvet; the luxurious look of it, the smooth feel of it and the way it can upgrade any outfit. Throughout the history, velvet has been associated with the nobility. Somewhere between 9th and 19th century AD, Cairo was the largest producer of velvet, which was then exported to Venice and further across Europe. Velvet was such a big deal that King Richard II of England, stated in his will that his body should be dressed in "velveto" in 1399.

Post 12 10 An overcoat is a long, usually double-breasted wool or cashmere coat that made its way into women’s fashion. Both in history and literature, the overcoat had a high value as it was worn to establish that an individual was a part of military or had a certain social status. Therefore, different variations of the coat appeared; the frock overcoat, the greatcoat, the paletot coat, the Chesterfield coat that became the most important overcoat of the next half-century, etc.