I am so glad that you decided to pop in and join this little corner of the vast Internetland where I share everything from style to music to beauty & my personal writing. Since day one I have been a storyteller. “In my younger and more vulnerable years [1],” before I could read, write or make good judgments, I used to pick up a random book with as many pictures as possible, sit next to my mom and make up stories that would accompany each picture. I also enjoyed raiding my mom’s closet whenever I can. That’s where my love for dressing up came from. Makeup was a part of my life before I even knew how to apply it. I have always enjoyed listening to music, but I have really started developing a passion for it in one of the darkest times of my life, when holding onto my iPod seemed like holding onto oxygen tank.

The name The Stylegazer came to me randomly one day while I was at the mall. I was thinking about what I should name my blog. I already knew that I liked the word “stargazer.” Apart from it being a name for an astronomer or astrologer, a very horrifying fish and a breathtaking stargazer lily, this word also means a “daydreamer.” I thought that it’s perfect, because I happen to be one, a daydreamer with my eyes always gazing up at the stars. I mashed the word “style” and “stargazer” together and voilà! The Stylegazer was born!

I hope it inspires you in any way! If it does, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

Click, scroll, enjoy!



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[1] F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Chapter 1 (PublicBookshelf)